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Student Counselling

Student Counselling

Student counselling is also available for students who wish to gain some advice regarding academic problems. A proper complaint procedure system has been implemented for students to convey their academic and non-academic complaints to the management. The details of the procedure are available at the reception of the college.

Student Counciling

Student Council

The purpose of Student Council shall be to serve the student body of UMMAH. The Cell shall serve as an umbrella association for the students /faculty and staff by:

The Student Council is responsible to relay the opinions and needs of the students to the management. All the Student Council members have been thoroughly interviewed and findings discussed by the Managment. Management will uphold the standards of Student Council at all times. They will be required to meet occasionally and will be responsible for maintaining and organising the resources, equipment and supplies of the Student Council office.
The office bearers of the Student Council consist of the students currently enrolled in UMMAH.

Each Student Council office bearer is responsible to serve as an example of proper behaviour for Students. This society will provide the students various opportunities to indulge in their aesthetic interests and experience working in a professional environment. Moreover, this society in-still in its members the priceless qualities of teamwork and leadership.

Student Counciling

Indoor Games

For the refreshment of the mind of the students, table tennis is provided in the campus

Student Counciling

Career Counseling

Career has become the matter of choice & also a matter on which there is no specific & analytical guidance is delivered. Choosing the career matching our nature is one which will help an individual’s success in life. The couseling sessions has arranged for students making them aware of prefessions & the goals in there life, helping to choose the righteous path for them. The trainers conducting these sessions are nationally acclaimed one’s & holds expertize in it.

Student Counciling

International Program

Ummah College launched it’s international exposure program with it’s starting making the students to explore the worl with us. This will help greatly, making our students understand the different cultures, get themselves a chance to explore the world, understanding the reasons behind the success & growth of many regions in the world.

This will also help them in meeting with several internationally acclaimed experts, which will make them believe on hard work while listening & looking at their success stories.

Student Counciling

Extra Curricular Activities

The extra curricular activities help students in polishing there mental capabilities, inculcating the leadership, team-work, hard work & sense of dedication in them along with sharpening of Communications skills & personality traits. There are multiple student Clubs setup for students, for the arrangement of co-curricular activities in the students, planned, managed & executed only by the students. This will not help them only in their studies but will also help them in their up-coming life.

These clubs are setup for student activities but also helping them living in a society, putting the efforts toward forming a better society.

Student Counciling

Teacher's Assistants

UMMAH management warmly greeted Teacher’s Assistants into its fold. These assistants were specially recruited to relieve the teachers of their workload as well as to help students requiring extra guidance.

The initiative that UMMAH has taken with regard to the Teacher’s Assistants is leading to greater student satisfaction and better results.

Student Counciling

Girls Common Room

A special room is available to the female students for the offering of prayers and for having snacks.