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(Pre – Engineering)

Intermediate of Science (F.Sc. Pre-Engineering) degree provides general exposure and education in many aspects of basic scientific enquiry. All courses within the program are designed for preparing the students and providing them with the basic skills of the engineering field. Pre-Engineering program develops the basic scientific skills of the students in fields of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


(Pre – Medical)

The Intermediate of Science (F.Sc. Pre-Medical) program aims to provide students a multifaceted exposure and education to basic scientific enquiry field. After successfully completing the program students can further pursue their career in fields of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Surgery, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Cloning, Food Technology, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Biology, DVM, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Bacteriology, Embryology and Petrifaction.

F.A / F.A (IT)

The Intermediate of Arts (Humanities Group) program aims to provide students basic skills and knowledge to pursue and extend their academic and professional career in fields related to Humanities. After completing F.A. (Humanities Group) students have many choices to pursue degree programs in the field of BBA (Hons.), BA (English), and BS (Hons.) Computer Science, BFD (Hons.) Bachelors of Fashion Design, BA (Hons.) Textile Design and many others.


(Computer Science)

The Intermediate of Computer Science (ICS) program aims to provide students a multifaceted exposure and education to basic scientific enquiry field. After successfully completing the program students can further pursue their career in fields Programming, Engineering, Mathematics and many others.



The Intermediate of Commerce (I.Com) degree program aims to provide students with a good grounding in various fields of business. This program will allow students to gain an initial understanding of the role of financial management in the business firm, including the calculations and use of financial ratios.


R&D Department

UMMAH introduced its R&D Department. With the responsibility of compiling quality study text in line with course outline for BISE and developing quality class tests, mocks, quizzes and lecture notes, R & D department is significant to prepare the students for examination. Its main role lies in study material and standard lecture notes. The department also suggests books and resource material to consult for developing class tests, mocks and quizzes.

Academic Support Departments

Academic Standards are the expected levels of academic attainment which are used to describe and measure the academic requirements and performance of students. To ensure that the standard are met and the students catered to, UMMAH welcomed the establishment of several departments into its fold.

Quality Assurance Department

Quality assurance department is responsible for monitoring and supervising the entire academic system to ensure quality education. It is envisaged that without imparting quality education to students no academic institution can survive for long-time. Keeping the above things in view we may that the work of QA department is multi-pronged but two aspects of it are very important i.e students perspective and lecturer perspective. So we may say very securely without QA department we cannot ensure quality on education system in our department.

Examination Department

The examination department is entrusted with the responsibility of conducting class tests, mocks and quizzes in line with examination method of BISE to prepare students for the final examination of BISE. It means the duty of examination department is not only to prepare the students for final examination but also analyze test results to see the comprehension of students while QA department will identity the average and poor students and take remedial measures through suggestions to teachers regarding teaching methodology and customized coaching through TAs and Subject Specialists for average and poor performance.

we offer


Merit Based

We provide merit-based scholarships to the intellegent staudents with good academic record.


In case if two or more siblings are current students of UMMAH , the college offers them the chance to avail the Kinship Scholarship to help lessen the financial burden on their parents.

Need Based

We provide the need-based scholarships to the deserving students providing them with the chance to continue their education.

Orphan Students

While continuing the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW), we provide the scholarships to the orphan students without disturbing their self respect.


Huffaz are provided with the scholarships in honor to their service to Holy Quran.

Teacher's children

Teachers are the role players in building of a nation, we honor them with providing the scholarships to their children.